Thursday, March 31, 2011

Want to write some code? Get away from your computer!

Being away from the computer forces you to run through all of the thoughts in your head – which tends to take longer than getting a computer to compile and run your code (for small code bases at least…). So you don’t tend to make tiny changes and re-run things, you tend to actually think about what the code is doing. Until I did this on the train the other day, I hadn’t actually run a piece of code on paper (that is, written down columns for each of the variables and worked out what each value will be at each stage in the program) since my Computing A-Level exam!

ASP Classic Compiler is an open source project now, Apache License

This project hosts examples, tests and discussions of ASP Classic Compiler. ASP Classic Compiler is based on a VBScript compiler that compiles ASP pages into a .NET executable so that they can run inside the ASP.NET environment.

How to select element by multiple classes in JQuery


Code example for developing Mobile web app by ASP.NET MVC 3 and jQuery Mobile

Mobile enabled web apps with ASP.NET MVC 3 and jQuery Mobile

Making this application for mobile devices. A single web site will be used for both mobile browsers and desktop browsers. If users are accessing the web app from mobile browsers, users will be redirect to mobile specific pages and will get normal pages if users are accessing from desktop browsers. In this demo app, the mobile specific pages are maintained in an ASP.NET MVC Area named Mobile and mobile users will be redirect to MVC Area Mobile