Monday, April 25, 2011

Complexity is the enemy

It turns out that, much like it's easier to write a long blog post than it is to make the same point succinctly, it's difficult to write software that is straightforward. This is easiest to see in programming langauge design; new languages by novices tend to have lots of features, while few have the crisp clarity of C. In today's programs it's frequently related to how many objects are involved; in distributed systems it's about how many moving parts there ar

Tech Notes: Complexity is the enemy

How to get checkboxes values in jQuery

 if ($('#YourID').is(':checked')) {
            //Do something

:checked Selector

What is Boolean values in SQL Server?

TRUE is converted to 1 and FALSE is converted to 0.

Creating an Up and Down Voting User Interface

Creating an Up and Down Voting User Interface