Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Web Forms Model Binding Part 1: Selecting Data (ASP.NET vNext Series 3)


Frameworks making developers dumb


"I strongly believe frameworks will increase developer productivity. But the developers should try to understand how the framework is doing the stuff. You need not learn all the internal working mechanisms of frameworks. If you are really good at Servlets and JSP then it is very easy to understand any Java Web framework like Struts, SpringMVC etc.If you aren't good at the basics then obviously for every other question reply would be.. "framework's annotation/xml will execute this" 

Code Refurbishment

Code refurbishment is the better word than refactoring for business side. 

A code refurbishment is worthwhile to correct the core domain if it's about to undergo significant further development, or if a module is business critical and needs to be occasionally corrected under production pressure to preserve revenue generation.


How Facebook Ships Code