Monday, April 4, 2011

What is Javascript formal name, ECMAScript Language

ECMA stands for European Computer Manufacturers Association

Standard ECMA-262
ECMAScript Language Specification

How to turn off autocomplete for a textbox in ASP.Net

By html attribute:
<asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="Textbox" autocomplete="off"/>
By JQuery:
$("#<%=Textbox.ClientID %>").attr("autocomplete""off");

What is $ dollar sign In JQuery?

$() is a library function in JQuery, jQuery() is equal to $()

Browsers Benchmarks: JavaScript, CSS3, And HTML5,2909-14.html


Internet Explorer 9 tops the Sputnik JavaScript conformance test with a score of 5175. Following closely in second place is Opera with a score of 5166. Chrome earns third, achieving 5110 points. Safari places fourth at 5076 points, while Firefox 4 finishes last with 5065.

As usual, Google Chrome, Opera, and Apple Safari all pass the Acid3 test with the maximum score of 100. Mozilla Firefox 4 raises the browser's score from 94 to 97, and IE9 still scores a 95.
CSS3 Selectors Test

Once again, every browser except Chrome earns the maximum score of 574 in the CSS3 Selectors Test; Google's browser scores 558.

Chrome again steals the show in HTML5 compliance, earning a score of 288 and 13 bonus points. With version 4, Firefox manages to climb from fourth place up to second, leap-frogging third-place finisher Opera, and sending Safari into fourth. Despite how well IE9 implements HTML5 hardware acceleration, it still finishes last in compliance of the upcoming standard.