Monday, June 27, 2011

Table Splitting in Entity Framework

What is SassAndCoffee

SassAndCoffee is a library for ASP.NET (both MVC and old-school WebForms) that adds drop-in support for two new languages: Sass and SCSS, a language that allows you to write reusable, more structured CSS, as well as CoffeeScript, which is a JavaScript dialect that is much more syntactically elegant, but still preserving 100% compatibility with regular JavaScript.

ActionMethodSelectorAttribute for Multiple Submit Buttons in ASP.NET MVC

RazorGenerator for ASP.NET MVC

How to use Microsoft Translator service with screenshots and example

As the web grows, more and more international businesses are turning to the web. The demand for a multi-lingual website has never been so great. There are currently a few pay services out there that offer a translation API and also a few free ones (Google and Microsoft). One of the services that I have been looking at recently is the Microsoft Translator service. The API has support for SOAP, AJAX and HTTP which is a great addition to the API.