Thursday, March 3, 2011

15 ASP.NET Job interview questions (junior to intermediate level)

  1. If I browse just the default.aspx and don't login, will there be a Session Id from me on the server?
  2. How does the server know if the request is coming from already existing session or a new one?
  3. How to store user information? (Have you used Membership.Profile)??
  4. How to block certain IP addresses from accessing your webpages??
  5. Can I access viewstate on one page from another page?
  6. How do you make sure the viewstate is available in a WebFarm Environment?
  7. If you need to store the list of Departments in a company (which changes very infrequently) - which object would you prefer Application or Cache or Session  and why??
  8. When you click on 'logout', what all actions you would perform on the server side??
  9. How to close the client browser on 'logout' click??
  10. Error Handling - Will you use both Application_Error() and <CustomError> or only one?? Why??
  11. How you would improve your website performance?
  12. Will Session_Start event be called for each request?
  13. Where does the server store Cache? Can I move it to SQL Server?
  14. Where does the server store Session Id? What is a cookieless Session?
  15. How would you do Server Side Paging? Is it different from doing inbuilt paging in GridView?? How??

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